About Supschool Software

The supschool software is designed to help you plan, make bookings, and have a clear track of your business, enabling you to grow your business quicker. All you want to do will only take the least time with the supschool software. It enables you to make bookings any time of the day, saves you time, increases revenue for your business, is industry-specific, and importantly, is trusted worldwide. The supschool software is an outstanding engine that allows you to sell several sessions to your customers at a go once they place their bookings.

Solutions It Offers

The customers can make bookings anytime from the website. Also, they know about the availability in real-time. They can choose their preferred mode of payment and make deposits online. The customer can make adjustments to their scheduled activities from their account. They can also sign the waiver right from their account, and they stay in the loop through emails and SMS. It is a seamless way to make the booking on the website with the least hassles. Using the supschool software, you can relax and have peace of mind as you watch the scheduling. It automatically matches the customers to the available attendants, and the planner can fine-tune the schedule through simple drag and drop options.

The system can identify the instructor who will handle the lesson and give their location from the instructor profiles. It can set the repeating lessons for regular lessons and automatically fill up for group lessons. Though the unique features in the supschool software, you won’t miss communication anymore since you can update your customers anytime you feel like they need to be updated. You don’t have to struggle to keep your customers informed. The email templates are easy to work with, just like Microsoft word. You can also send automated emails when you want to make bookings, send course or payment reminders. You will have access to several templates, and all you need to do is customize them to suit your needs.

Bottom line

The supschool software will send emails once triggered, make bookings and payments and you won’t have to do manual work anymore. Through the custom fields, you can make the emails personalized and do several tasks with much ease hence saving you time and it helps to generate more revenue for your business.

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