Buy a freezing container

Of course you can buy or rent a freezer container at VRR! Our company specializes in the sale and rental of storage containers, such as a freezer container. When you choose to buy or rent a freezer container at VRR, you have a wide choice of various types and sizes of containers. At VRR you can choose from both used and new freezer containers. You can rent a container from us for both short term and long term.

Rent  a freezer container

Buying a freezer container is a good solution when, for example, you need a cooled space during an event or when you have products that need to be cooled for a certain period of time. Freezer containers are insulated containers with an aluminum T-profile floor, RBS interior and double doors. The freezer container is equipped with an electrically driven cooling motor. The containers can be placed both indoors and outdoors and the temperature is adjustable from -25 ° to + 15 °. Furthermore, the freezer containers, including cargo, can be moved with a forklift or truck with a crane.

The benetfits of freezing containers (also named: ‘air cargo’)are:

  • Safe
  • Wind and waterproof
  • Good closable
  • Available in different sizes

Good service

VRR distinguishes itself by offering personal services. In case of malfunctions, we have a 24-hour malfunction report number. We also have our own repair team, which means we can guarantee you excellent service.

Don’t hesitate and feel very free to contact us if you have any questions regarding the air cargo. We will answer you as fast as is possible.

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