cable stripper

cable stripper

A cable stripper, also a wire stripping machine, is a hand-held machine used to strip the insulation (plastic covering) on cables. Cable strippers come in different sizes and shapes, owing to the varying composition, species and diameters of cables.

Types of Wire Strippers

The most common types of cable strippers in the market today include:

  • Self-adjusting cable stripper
  • Gauged automatic cable stripper
  • Wire stripper and cutter

These hand-held tools are common with electricians and individuals who fancy themselves as DIYers. It is essential to choose the right type of wire stripper for both effectiveness and ease of use. In most cases, cable strippers have a series of holes labelled to match the different wire gauges and diameters specific to the tool. The correct cable stripper for the job should slice the plastic coating without damaging the wire core.

cable stripper

How to Use a Cable Stripper

Regardless of the different types, the process of using cable strippers is generally similar. Here is how to use a cable stripper.

Step 1 : Check the type and diameter of the wire

It is essential to check the gauge and diameter of the wire before you begin. The general information about a cable is printed on the insulator. Gauges are usually given in numbers, corresponding to one of the holes on the wire stripper.

Step 2 : Place your cable on the stripper
The next step is to match the wire with the corresponding hole on the wire stripper. It is important to use an appropriate hole as using the wrong one can make stripping difficult or damage the wire. Set your cable on the wire stripper on the blade side of the corresponding hole.

Next, slowly apply pressure on the handles to slice through the insulation. The cable stripper would remove the insulation, revealing the inner wire core without any damages. The tool also saves you time by making the work easier.

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