How to register an enterprise in the Netherlands?

As a matter of fact, anyone can start a business in the Netherlands, no matter where they live in the world. The country takes pride in having regulations very favorable to foreign investment. You have different rules to register an enterprise in Holland for citizens from Europe, EEA and Switzerland and for non-EU citizens. The entrepreneurs from Europe, EEA and Switzerland have the same rights as the Dutch people and they don’t need a work permit. All they need to do is get a personal registration number (BSN) after registering with the local municipality. BSN is their tax and social security number for the country.

And non-EU citizens who want to register an enterprise in Holland should check the local immigrations laws and should get a residence and work permit.

Companies you can form in the Netherlands

You can register different entities in the Netherlands according to the business you perform. Some of them are given below:

1.   Dutch BV: It is registered if you want to start a business in the Netherlands with a basic share capital of 1EUR as per the recent Company Law.

2.   General Partnership: This business is for companies with two or more partners working under the same name with unlimited liability on the firm. They share profit and don’t have a minimum share capital like Dutch BV.

3.   Dutch Limited Partnership: It should have at least two partners- one with unlimited liabilities and the other to deliver capital to the firm.

4.   Public liability company: This business is recommended for large investments and should have a share capital of 45,000 EUR.

5.   Subsidiaries: They work as a local branch to the parent company.

Once you speak to the professionals at they will explain the type of entity you need for your business and will register on your behalf.

How quick can you register your Dutch Company?

The procedure to register an enterprise in Holland is quick and takes less than two weeks. The approval from the Dutch Trade Registry is done in just a few days and most of the time is spent on authentication of the documents.

Procedure for company formation:

1.       Propose three company names and one will be chosen and reserved for your Dutch company.

2.       Draft and notarize the incorporation documents of your company. (if you need translation for any document, go for it).

3.       Submit the documents with Dutch Companies Register and register for VAT and tax.

4.       Register for social security and pension funds with the same taxation authorities.

5.       Apply for business licenses with the required authorities

Steps involved in company formation in the Netherlands

1.       Provide the documents and information needed to register an enterprise in Holland.

·         Complete details of the directors and shareholders of the future Dutch company.

·         Passport copies of shareholders, directors

·         Required social capital

2.       Go to Dutch Public Notary for the incorporation of your company or sign documents abroad and send them to the company’s address in Holland.

3.       Intercompany Solutions will file for incorporation with the Dutch Trade Registry. A bank account will be opened and the deed of incorporation will be certified, signed and enrolled by a notary.

4.       The document is submitted to the Chamber of Commerce and you get a registration number.

5.       Then a tax number is obtained.

Once you are a registered firm in the Netherlands, you should hire an accountant for tax assistance, auditing and financial consultancy. is a reliable option to meet all these needs at the best prices.

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