Used marine gearboxes

Used marine gearboxes

Buying heavy equipment can be a tedious task. You need a range selection of products so that you can compare and see which fits your needs. Used marine gearboxes are no different. The main benefit you get with the used gearboxes is the lower upfront cost. You will escape the deprecation loss, and you will have more selection. If you are in the market for second-hand marine gearboxes, explore these options. 

1. Twin Disc MG – 5114A 


– Weight: 300 kg 

– Dimensions: 80x70x70 cm (LxWxH)

– Power: 777 HP / 2100 RMP (light-duty), 465 HP / 1800 RMP (cont. duty) 

– Ratio: 1, 75:1


– Mechanical controls 

– 14-inch flexible coupling 

– SAE-1 housing 

– Output with a down angle

2. Reintjes Waf 260 


– Weight: 650 kg 

– Dimensions: 80x95x100 (LxWxH)

– Power: 416 HP / 1800 rpm 

– Ratio: 4, 56:1 


– Electrical controls 

– Flexible coupling 

– SAE housing 

– Rotation direction: Ccw in / Ccw out

3. Twin Disc MG-527 


– Weight: 1500 kg 

– Dimensions: 120x90x100 (LxWxH) 

– Power: 800 HP / 1800 RPM 

– Ratio: 5, 17:1 


– SAE-0 housing

– It has brackets 

– No oil cooler 

– Mechanical controls 

– 18-inch flexible coupling, rubber block drive without aluminum ring 

How to Choose the Right Gearbox for You 

When you are picking used marine gearboxes, you have to think about the size of the marine vessel. Get a powerful gearbox that can sustain the type of vessel you have. Getting the right gearbox will help you avoid future problems. 

Get a qualified inspector to inspect the gearbox and see if it’s working perfectly. If you don’t know what to look for in second-hand machinery, you can ask for help. Inspectors will help you highlight anything wrong with the gearbox before you purchase it. 

Used marine gearboxes


These are three of the many options you should consider when you are in the market for a gearbox. You will find refurbished machines that are still in great shape. It can be an advantage because you will get the benefits without paying full price. 

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