What could you prepare with parsnip?

Parsnip is one of those vegetables, such as rutabaga, Jerusalem artichoke and turnip greens, you forgot existed. That’s a shame, since those veggies have been harvested and consumed for thousands of years and are good for your health. As more and more people are becoming increasingly aware of what they are eating and are trying to decrease their meat consumption, those vegetables are back on the rise and gain more popularity. However, what could you prepare with, for instance, parsnip? Let’s see what amazing dishes we can make by using or adding nicely prepared parsnip!

Soup: parsnip as the main ingredient

You can definitely make a soup of which the main ingredient is parsnip and thus will taste like it. Of course, you would need to add other vegetables as well, such as tomatoes, carrots and onions, but the primary taste will be that of parsnip. In order to prepare a nice parsnip soup, the first step to take is to get rid of the peel. Then, cut all the other vegetables into small pieces and add some oil in a pan big enough for a decent soup. Fry all the vegetables, including the peeled parsnip, and add broth and water after a while. Make sure it boils and then let it boil for about half an hour. Finally, smash the soup into a solid consistency. You could add some water to make it thinner.

Main course: parsnip as garnish

Parsnip goes very well with meat and fish dishes. Instead of the regular broccoli and carrot type garnish, do a little different and add parsnip, purple carrot and oven-baked potatoes. For the best flavor, it is highly recommended to oven-bake parsnip as well. It will not lose that much flavor and the color of the vegetables remain intact as well. Also, you could stew the vegetables you plan to prepare: they will taste even better. If you are thinking about hosting a huge Christmas dinner, you might want to take a look at preparedvegetables.co.uk. You can find many prepared vegetables, also already peeled and prepared parsnip, which would make preparations a lot easier!

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